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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog


Chose to Stand Up

From flowers and trees

This flower is a part of a hedge, neatly trimmed and all lined up but it chose to stand up and be different. It decided to use the coconut palm as a prop to get elevated in character and style.
The second is my oil painting of the original.

© Nalini Hebbar/saycheese/2009-all rights reserved


Sweetness said...


Anonymous said...

Nice one...

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Journomuse said...

I loved this picture....the texture of the coconut palm against the softness of the me it had an intertwined masculine-feminine feel to it...:) maybe that's being poetic..but the imagery for me was strong

Kcalpesh said...

Great shots! The flower on which you commented on my blog is the same one but I didn't know the name then... :-)