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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog


Equal Rights

From Kerala

© Nalini Hebbar/saycheese/2009-all rights reserved
Taken on 28 Jan, 2010

These Jersey cows were huge with their udders full of milk. I think it is their daily route back home. To find them walking majestically on the platform as if it were built for them, was an experience worth documenting.
This was taken on the 26th of Jan on route Venkatagiri, Nellore. These buffaloes are not as used to traffic as their urban cousins. They refuse to move off the road even on repeated honking. They are yet to decipher the coded horn hitting that indicates the honkers temperament. 

© Nalini Hebbar/saycheese/2009-all rights reserved


Tarun Mitra said...

Nopes more than equal rights :D

magiceye said...

:) would love to see them getting in a train!