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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog


Fear Factor

Taken on 18 Jan, 2010 in the Nagarahole' Forests, Karnataka.

The frenzy that followed after the Brave One charges at us. The 2nd mother and calves rushed in the direction of the mud pool again and the Brave One ran to protect them.The little one at the back seems to be the calf of the Brave One. There was at one point a shuffle between the two calves when the bigger one pushed the little one down to the ground. Her cry brought the Brave One running to her defense.

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Kcalpesh said...

Elephants... Wonderful Giant Creatures! Have, read, heard and seen so much of them in books n TV... It really must have been a great experience for you to see the wild species! The one's I've seen are only those on the city-roads! Domestic and not so huge :-)

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