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Welcome To My Blog


Old is in

Taken 30 April, 2010 at Parrys, Chennai.

The old and the new coexist wall to wall here in Chennai. I was mesmerized by the brand new antique-looking modern benches by MetalCraft sitting there waiting to be bought by someone wanting to created an antiqued look in his garden. The old house provides the advertisement for free!

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Arasu said...

Great photo! It is great to compare modern architecture and the old building side by side!

Purba said...

I like the old better.

Call me old fashioned :)

Journomuse said...

Ahhhh Parrys...:)Guess what is the word I have to type in to authenticate my comment? 'Chorcha' it in Malayalam and suddenly realised that outside my window there is a major mazha chorcha, ;)