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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog


Turkey Tail

Taken in May 2010 at a nursery in Trichur.

Trametes versicolor, the turkey tail fungus.

This one looks very ancient, well defined; and is an extremely large specimen . It's common name refers to the banding pattern of the tail of a strutting turkey. The colors of the bands can be quite variable, depending on the genetics of the organism and its environment. Here they are blue, gray and rust. Found virtually anywhere they help dead hardwood logs and tree stumps decompose.


Anonymous said...

nice capture. this is something definitely different and unseen atleast in my parts.

Journomuse said...

Wow...that is so beautiful..Is this on your farm? By the way, how do we find out if a mushroom is edible? If we go mushroom picking in the wild, is there a ready reckoner to know if it is edible or not?

Nalini Hebbar said... need to pick according to the safe-pic chart you find on the internet...the temperate and tropical species are so careful coz they can be very dangerous.

@Thoughtful...thanks for the comment...this fungi needs a rotting wood which is moist most often than not.