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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog


Autobot, Optimus Prime

Taken on 16 June 2010, on the road to Bangalore.

He appeared on the horizon and 'transformed' into a palm tree right in front of my eyes!

© Nalini Hebbar/saycheese/2009-all rights reserved
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Kcalpesh said...

Very good interpretation and spectacular photography for sure...

Shri Ram Ayyangar said...

Riot of colors!

magiceye said...

these are like 'WOW'!!!!

Roopam said...

oh great..
really very beautiful photographs.

Anonymous said...

Very dramatic and excellent shot

Anonymous said...


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

hi! both your blogs are amazing and stand out of the crowd! truely impressive. these pics are beautiful! Am following u!!