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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog


Do not eat this potato!

Taken on 19 June, 2010 at Bengaluru.

Solanum macranthum, the Giant Star Potato Tree, is a bushy tree that grows to a height of 15 feet. It is native to Brazil. It's fruits are not actually potatoes but the tree belongs to the Potato family. Flowers are fragrant and change their color from white to pink to lavender to a deep purple. The fruit is poisonous if eaten and has a very irritating sap which causes skin irritations.It flowers all the year round and we have planted it in our farm. Now I am going to wait for it to grow and flower. It is said to attract a lot of birds and bees. That's where I will be erecting the bird houses and the water bowls, if feasible a lily pond.

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magiceye said...

wow! love your plan!!

Anonymous said...

i was wondering why you are asking us not to eat some particular potato :-)

navsingh said...

There is no harm for birds when they eat that fruit,but its nice.