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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog


Imprinting Memories

Taken on 19 October, 2010 on the Kabini River, Karnataka.

We were getting late. We wanted to reach  Nellore, about 500 km away, before the sun set. The younger one was adamant that he needed to go boating one last time. The fog was thick over the river and we were glittery about letting them go. Eventually, they went out donning the gray safety jackets and very soon were almost invisible from the banks. My husband whistled for them to come back, they did, but the ride back and the events that followed, had us in splits! They came in little tight circles that took them like eternity! The little one wanted to go back and the older one wanted to respond to my husband's whistles! In the flurry of activity that ensured, the little one, Ashwin, ended up drenching Aakash with oarfulls of cold water. This photo shows Ashwin being chased by Aakash on the green grassy banks of the river. Ashwin got his due in the car, 30 mins thence.

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magiceye said...

great way to grow up!

Purba said...

The boys look happy. Nice shot.