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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog


Every Bud has her Day

Taken in June 2010, in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The bud with all its magic wrapped up tight in a green suitcase looks at the flower in a pink ballroom gown, swirling and dancing in the breeze, and she wants grow up in a hurry. She too wants to flirt with the birds and the bees, and giggle naughtily at the flattering compliments on every lip. She practices her moves and imagines herself in the brown and green ballroom, her arms wrapped around a handsome prince. I hope she does not know she will soon lies in the garbage dump next to the very vine that sprouted out of Cinderella's pumpkin. Let her enjoy her little life with it's magic being the only thing that propels her, let not the shadow of her imminent death ruin the magic of life.

the bud packed
tight with its miracle swayed
stiffly on breaths
of air, moved

as though impelled
by stirrings within itself.

Robert Earl Hayden (1913–1980), U.S. poet. The Night-blooming Cereus (l. 9–14).

© Nalini Hebbar/saycheese/2009-all rights reserved
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Journomuse said...

hey, there are new animations on your blog, eh?? :) nice...the hibiscus is lovely too..have you changed your cameera

Nalini Hebbar said...

No is still Cybershot! the animation? eh?

Kcalpesh said...

Awesome Hibiscus :-)

amatamari© said...

Ohhhh magnificent!!!

kranjini said...

Flowers bring so much joy but such short lives they have!!

Mohan said...

Great shot at that hibiscus! a

Arpana said...

it's the fullness of life that matters not the duration.Once again excellent!

Arti said...

Wow..Lovely pink color and the drops of water, just awesome!

Anonymous said...

sweet and you have composed it very well!

Emreen said...

This is a "Wow" Shot... Love the dewdrops on the flower...