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Welcome To My Blog



Taken on the boatsafari down the Kabini River, Karnataka on 18 January, 2010.

Browsers of a different kind!

The elephant on the right has her right leg lifted up. Elephants eat the grass after uprooting it by kicking at it. It's a wonderful sight and made me wonder why when there are so many tall trees around, an elephant even bothers to eat grass. It must be equivalent to a handful of puffed rice for it! 

Green grass is sweet and juicy.

How do I know that? Well. that's my favourite pass-time in the wild and on lawns!. 
Just try it!  Pluck a stem, peel back the blade to expose the yellowish green juicy part, take a bite and chew. Yummy! 

It must be good for us. I have seen dogs eating grass when unwell in the tummy.

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magiceye said...

brilliant capture and interesting info too

Purba said...

Getting high on grass!

Tarun Mitra said...


bollywoodstylediaries said...

this one is so beautiful - love the colors..

Anonymous said...

you really eat grass??? lol

Emreen said...

Lovely shot... Thought it ws thekadi... !!