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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog


Dressed to Kill

Taken on 25 May, 2010, at the Lemon Farm, Nellore

"May I borrow your pretty dress for the ball tomorrow?" asked the green spider politely.

'Well, you have nothing charming to swap instead! I love to flit 'n' flirt at the ball in my gorgeous gown and you know that. I wouldn't let anybody steal my thunder!" replied the butterfly coyly batting her eyes at the spider.

"I saw a similar one at the flea market, but yours looks richer and fuller. Come a little closer, dear, let me feel the texture of your fabulous ball gown", said the spider hiding behind a lemon leaf to hide the drool that was beginning to show.

"Really! I can't let you borrow mine even for a bit. Got to sip up enough nectar to see me through the ball. I am in a hurry but since you are my admirer-number-one for today, I will let you touch my muumuu just for a wink." Saying this the butterfly alighted on a leaf beside the spider.

The spider pounced on the butterfly and waiting for her to die, whispered ever so softly into her ears, "Now you can flirt with the cells that line my insides."

© Nalini Hebbar/saycheese/2009-all rights reserved
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magiceye said...

brilliant! the image and the tale!

Purba said...

"Now you can flirt with the cells that line my insides."

HA HA HA..where chemistry meets biology!

Lazy Pineapple said...

wah wah...poetry and picture...damn good.

Hilarious conversation :)

Love217 said...

i pity the butterfly.. :-( but like the shot cum writing :D

Journomuse said...

Loved the story!

sharmila said...

Oh ... that's so sad .... yet interesting :)

jyothisethu said...


Missed your great posts for a while because of my tour...
happy to find out that you are carrying on the great work...


Anonymous said...

a very unique image!