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Welcome To My Blog



Taken on 18 July, 2010 at the farm.

There were a million butterflies all along the way, and about 20 kilometers down the highway, where flowering avenue trees speed past, they appeared to challenge the Ritz!

Soon our squeaky clean windshield was streaked with yellow and brown juices of brave Lepidopteranians. We also had imprints of their wings, which slowly faded, as the scales caught wind of the fact that they were no longer on the butterflies. This saddened me a lot, given the fact that butterflies according to their size have lifespans varying from one week to nine months (Monarchs), and souls as short-lived as this deserved a better time on earth!

At the farm too, butterflies flirted about. The lime trees were not flowering but the rains had turned the space around them into gardens of wildflowers. As I walked about checking the leaves for signs of canker and caterpillar, I chanced upon this most glorious sigh, that set my heart at rest. For all the butterflies sacrificed by our top-speed drive towards the farm, many more were to be born soon. 

Life goes on. Death is so common, yet so essential for life to go on.

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magiceye said...

an excellent post! the image and the commentary - superb!

Anonymous said...

nice documentary!

Kcalpesh said...

Lovely shot!!

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Pratibha The Talent said...

wow its a brilliant click.