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Unsung Netaji

Taken in February 2010 at the Thrissur Railway Station, Kerala.

Abandoned and waiting for Netaji, the 'Saviour of the Nation' to come rescue us.

What a strange tale of a great man who believed he needed to confront the British with might. Was his Communist Ideology the reason for a private Japanese radio report to be accepted word wide as the truth? Were power hungry politicians the ones who decided his fate?

"But it hardly ever occurred to me that even though the British rulers were his life-long enemies, his real enemies were none other than his own people, his beloved Indians. His own collegues in politics, his rivals in the Indian leadership - who didn't hesitate to despatch him from the position of Congress President. And this happened whilst he was very much alive and amongst them. What were they capable of when they had some reason to presume he was dead..."  Bengal Online, a guestbook entry from Dr. Alokesh Bagchi.

They say 'Bhagwanji-Gumnami Baba' was Netaji and he died in Faizabad (Uttar Pradesh) on September 16, 1985 at a ripe age of 90.

'Subhash is alive and Jawaharlal knows it'. It was with these famous words in late 1947 that Sarat Chandra Bose, the elder brother of Netaji, broke a two-year silence over the 'death' of the famous leader. He was known to many as a booming voice behind a cinnamon curtain. On his birthday on 23 Jan, people came from Bengal to pay homage to him.   Until 1997 about 12 km of the jungle road was decorated with INA Flags.

It is said the he din't come into the open because he didn't want to be tried as a war criminal for crime against his motherland. The International War Criminal Treaty, which initially had a 30 year limitation, [i.e. from 1945 to 1975; see Treaty Series Vol 7 of UNO, 1972]. This treaty was ratified by Indira Gandhi in 1972 with retrospective effect and perpetual validity. India and 13 other countries were signatories to it. These 13 countries were those who had war criminals as residents or citizens.

What a story!

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Patricia Torres said...

So.. strange.. that they dont see Netaji in themselves.. and do something about it.... Loved pics..

magiceye said...

beautiful tribute to the unsung hero!

Shri Ram Ayyangar said...

The most strange part is that some people even today think that Netaji is still alive!

Shrinath Vashishtha said...

Good to see an intriguing tale about Netaji, the numero uno, find a place in your good blog, dear Nalini!

There still are multifarious schools of thought about the 'mysterious' whereabouts of one of the most gallant sons of Mother India and it's still under 'investigation'.

Hence, to conclude somehow at this stage, would be too unbecoming of us mere mortals, I believe. Nice post,though...! :-)