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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog



Taken on 22 November 2009, under some culvert somewhere on NH 5.

We were travelling back to Nellore from our grand holiday at the Cicada Kabini Resort, when full bladders forced us to halt for relief. I went under a culvert and looked up as one does when the relief gives you that little shiver. I spied on this wonderful vibrating community of spiders. There were, maybe, a million of them! Pholcus phalangioides,  The Daddy-long-legs spider! They rapidly vibrated in a gyrating motion and became blurred. It was difficult to focus on a vibrating spider mass!

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4 comments: said...

oh no! they are looking like long hair!

magiceye said...

wow! an amazing capture!!!

Lahari said...

great capture..

anthony-samson said...

great find