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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog


Daisy Fleabane

Taken on 19th June, 2010, at Bengaluru.

Erigeron sp also called Daisy Fleabane. 

The name Erigeron is derived from the Greek (eri = early; geron = old man) and refers to the appearance of the white hairs of the fruit.

Fleabane's common name reflects its use as a bug repellant. In fact, starlings line their nests with fleabane to keep mites away. People once mixed it with bedstraw to keep bugs out of their mattresses. It's toxic to mollusks and helps prevent fungus infections in strawberry plants. Because it repels insects, it can be used magically to ward off evil spirits. Despite its pesticidal qualities, butterflies love it. But don't plant fleabane where ruminants like cows and goats can get at it - it's toxic for them. Source

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Unknown!!! said...

I liked the way you arranged the photo posts tiled all in one page..the photos look so rich.. will blog roll's good for eyes when you see so many fresh colors..Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

nice shot

ANULAL said...


Anonymous said...

the saturated green colors and dark tones all look beautiful here!