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Tropical Beauty

Taken on 19 June, 2010 at Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Hibiscus sp. A very common flower that adds beauty to the already beautiful landscape of Kerala and the Southern states. It has many medicinal properties and is an extremely useful plant otherwise too.

  • The chemicals in hibiscus flower helps in growth of hair. It reduces dandruff and makes the hair black.

  • The natural oil in this flower acts as a good conditioner

  • This flower can be used as natural dye for hair

  • The oil in this flower can be applied to the skin of patients who are suffering from cellulite which makes the skin to glow

  • The ash obtained by burning the flower and leaves of this flower can be applied to eyebrows which glazes them black

  • This flower can be used as shoe polish by rubbing it on the shoe

  • Hibiscus flower can be used as contraceptive. The oil from this flower is used for abortion in some tribes in Jamaica.

  • Jamaicans use this flower in herbal tea as it contains many minerals and vitamins

  • The juice from these leaves and flowers can regularize the menstrual cycle

  • Ayurveda says the medicine made from its roots can be used as a prevention of venereal diseases

  • According to traditional medicine if we eat the buds of white hibiscus flowers early in the morning on empty stomach it should cure all the diseases. We can mix sugar if we are unable to eat directly.

  • This flower improves digestion. Hence raw flowers are eaten by Hawaiian people, and Chinese eat this flower by making pickle.

  • The fiber from this stem is qualitative. This can be used in manufacturing of clothes, nets and paper.

  • The roots of hibiscus are boiled in oil until the water gets evaporated. Then the oil can be applied to the wounds caused by cancer. This can be very useful in initial Stages of cancer

  • According to the traditional medicine, the flowers of white Hibiscus can be dried in the shade of neem tree. Then they can be powdered and it can be used to fight all cancers. Source

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    Purba said...

    The yellow hibiscus is pretty rare.

    My mum has this great fascination for Hibiscus hair oil. Me, I couldn't stand the smell.

    P.N. Subramanian said...

    What a beautiful variety. You can find a miniature at my blog.

    rohini said...


    magiceye said...

    wow a dual tone hibiscus!

    Shri Ram Ayyangar said...

    Thank you for the Useful information.

    Arti said...

    I didnt know hibiscus had so many amazing medicinal properties!
    Only seen the red variety.. but this is equally beautiful!

    Ana_treek said...

    OMG! Multifunctional :)

    Hari said...

    Nature is fascinating ... how the dark color slowly decreases in intensity.

    hitesh rawat said...

    have never seen one.... but i'm not a flower lover..... :)

    well i like the multiple uses of the flower and how big the petals is beautiful

    The Legend Returns said...

    sharp and perfect exposure...great job!

    Rajlakshmi said...

    woa have never seen this flower...
    its awesome :D brilliant capture :)