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Flag the Goose

Taken on 25 October 2010 at A1 Plaza, NH5, Nellore.

Every time I travel southward from Nellore city, I visit the A1 plaza on NH 5. This was a part of the Reliance Industries  petroleum retail outlets, which decided to shut down all the petroleum retail outlets owned by it directly, as surging crude prices and the absence of government subsidies have made operations inviable.  Around this abandoned Reliance Fuel outlet are20 odd flags, though torn and tattered by the winds, still fly high as if reminding us that failure and success are just two sides to a coin. One must just flip the coin ones again.

Yesterday, it had rained, and the little puddle in the paved drive-in where the geese marched in to give me my photo opportunity, reflected a tattered white flag. I was instantly reminded of the 'goose flag' used in game hunting of geese. I had to wait a long time to get this perfect shot, what with my husband and son flapping their arms in disgust as I made them wait in the car!  

'The Flagman', Randy Bartz, invented the concept of goose flagging using the 'Orginal T-Flag' back in the late 1980’s.  Since then Randy has perfected the art of flagging geese across North America!   Through years and years of trial and error, he has perfected a superior line of Goose Flags.Since these simple flags as a decoy for waterfowl hunting, the idea and methods of using wing-like motion to attract geese and ducks into shotgun range have become a major part of this sport. Although the concept of mounting an artificial set of fabric wings on stiff wire and sticking it onto a wooden dowel seems simple, using flags has become fairly sophisticated.

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View from below Oct 2010
Goose stepping to water Oct 2010
Mirror mirror on road Oct 2010

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Bhupesh said...

nice one Nalini
Looks like adfter looking at the flag, the goose started to clean its feathers!!!


magiceye said...

indeed a perfect capture!

Anonymous said...

It was worth a wait. Beautifully shot!

Rajesh said...

Nice to know this.

Tarun Mitra said...

nice image..:)