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Welcome To My Blog


View from below

Taken on 25 October 2010 at A1 Plaza, NH5, Nellore.

Every time I travel southward from Nellore city, I visit the A1 plaza on NH 5. I love the gaggle of geese that roam the gardens there. There are four in all now, and are a treat to the eye. 

Yesterday, it had rained, and the little puddles in the paved drive-in gave me some great photo opportunity. 

Geese do not normally exhibit pecking or cannibalism and usually live harmoniously among themselves and with other creatures. They have very strong flocking instincts and can easily be herded from one area to another. It is because of the combination of their memory and flocking instincts that geese will return home as a flock of their own accord in the evening, even after being permitted to range over distances of 5 km or more. This allows the birds to make long trips every day, if necessary, to find their food.

Geese are effective weeders because they like grasses but do not like many broadleaf plants and have thus been used to weed a wide range of crops including asparagus, potatoes, fruit shrubs, nursery stock, tobacco, nut trees, grapes, fruit trees, beets, sugar beets, beans, hops, various ornamental flowers, onions and strawberries.

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magiceye said...

beautifully captured

Team G Square said...

great capture ,

Emreen said...

Lovely pic... Seems as if the goose is looking at its reflection in a mirror....