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Welcome To My Blog


Photonastic love

Taken in July 2010, in Bangalore.

Oxalis triangularis, False or Purple Shamrock or the Love Plant. It is lovely as an indoor plants but does need sunlight. It has uniquely colored leaves of deep maroon-purple and unusual trifoliolate foliage. Small clusters of light pink to lavender flowers borne above the lovely foliage display a wonderful contrast too.  The leaves move in response to the levels of light. Watch it in action. This type of movement due to sensitivity to light is called Photonasty.

They had grown it in a wonderful manner. The rich foliage of Crape Jasmine with its white windmill like flowers provided a perfect background to the vividly coloured Shamrock. All this was around a potato tree

The effect was spectacular!

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Shri Ram Ayyangar said...

Too good, is it natural color for the first one?

Rajesh said...

Very beautiful flowers.

P@ul@mi said...

love the colour. beautiful.

Emreen said...

Lovely shades of purple... Beautifully captured... The leaves of the plant looks like the wings of a butterfly...!!